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Black and white, the two dominant colors that make up the spirit of Villa FB (Fusion, Fashion & Vermicelli).

In this space the restaurant serves more than 20 homemade soup and cakes made from rice.

Villa FB is located in a villa in France forecast a 30 years old was the owner created the back and arrange into a contemporary space waggle emotions.

Villa FB permanently decorated a room of coated glass exposed white right grounds, from here guests dine and unforgettable sensation when the upstream. Four surface is covered glass, the water flows up the glass to create a blurry special virtual space, by the way the person sitting in the always cool to see though is a hot date oi. rear Lounge Area becomes a relaxing elegant space serving drinks, snacks, dessert.

Tier 2 spend a gallery fashion brand DMC (Strong Intense Park Designer) as the binding between eat and wear, between fashion and food before anyone could ever experience today.

All the dishes are derived from rice, milled rice into powder, the powder turned into vermicelli, into the cake. Villa FB has more than 20 different categories with 4 type as rich countries, rice vermicelli, rice vermicelli, noodle the book ... and cakes such as: cake, cake, cake, cake book. ...

Although the concept of Fusion-style cuisine was present for several years in Saigon but must come upon Villa FB app actually combined dishes mixed style creation. Advantages of Fusion dishes this place easy to eat for taste though combined European food with spices of the East or on the contrary, such shellfish asparagus is cooked with rice and lemon bring to feel "beautiful" for taste and eyesight.

The price of dishes from 3$ and above.

(Source: Villa FB)


When buying food, consumers often only pay attention to the labels that at least read the information on the packaging. 
However, with the warning status on quality of food safety as it is now, you don't miss these details.

Term of use: as a rule, all the foods are to record the expiry date on the package label,
If not write or record unknown then demonstrates the reliability of inferior products.
Additives used: If you dislike or allergy to MSG then carefully,
When the producer does not burn is MSG, which recorded under the chemical name is MSG (mono sodium glutamate). Super Sweet powder scored as I & C ...
Aromatherapy: Usually it's the artificial flavors because of the very rare natural flavors in the food industry.
Color cosmetics are similar, are all artificial color.
Preservatives: sodium benzoate, usually some user sorbate K to fight mold. 
Some other preservatives such as nitrites/nitrates (often used in meat products such as sausages, ham, sausage) 
also to do the red meat but should limit because they cause cancer if used more and more often.
Animal fat content: you should limit the use of foods high in animal fat.
If the food processing would more thoroughly, they will give you more information on the fatty acid content of no (saturated)
or no no (not saturated) containing in food there, rather than in general are lipids.
Fibre (fiber), vitamins and mineral salts.
Artificial sweeteners: the substance indicated on the label is the way the chemistry, 
Maybe it's the aspartame, saccharin or quality, suitable for dieters lose weight or diabetes.
On the label usually lists a series of component substances use amounts of them, as a rule, 
will follow in descending order in the category listing. However, the information recorded on the label such as the number of calories provided, 
fat, protein, vitamins ... having the right with that product or not left dependent on the integrity of the food processing.

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